The Church App

The Church App

Our apps were specifically designed with the church congregation in mind. We made every effort to ensure our apps are easy-to-use and work on as many devices as possible while maintaining an extremely affordable price. Our apps work on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android devices.


Instantly access

• Sermons (including artwork, sermon series, series descriptions, sermon descriptions)

• Blogs (catch up on all your church blogs)

• Groups (find group locations, leader, contact information, and descriptions)

• Events (event locations, contact information, descriptions)

• Giving (links directly to your online giving)



All of your sermons in one spot.

With our Sermons integration, your congregation will have access to all of your sermons instantly. Whether driving to work, staying home Sunday morning with sick kids, or even out of town on a business trip. Whatever the case may be, they will always be connected and growing in Christ.


Develop a strong community.

Community is one of the single most important ways to develop your relationship with Jesus, and at Amped Church, we get that. That’s why we created Groups, an easy way to find a grow group by day or location and get all the information you need to get plugged in.


Share all of your upcoming events.

We know that a lot of time and money is spent on events in order to reach people for Jesus, and we wanted to create a central place where people could go to find all the information they need. So we built it. Now, your church will have every detail in the palm of their hands.


Seamless blog integration.

Our apps hook right up to the XML feed of your blog, so there is no need to duplicate information! Simply update your blog online like you do now and your app will automatically display the new blog.


Take notes, grow spiritually.

At Amped Church, one of our primary goals is to help others “…grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (2 Peter 3:18.) And since taking notes is one of the best ways to learn, we decided to make it a fundamental part of our platform.


Always in the right spot.

Never worry about someone getting lost on the way to a community group, or having trouble finding a community outreach. Using our apps, anyone can simply click a button and get turn-by-turn directions to all of your church events.


Tithing on the go.

God’s word commands us to give to Him and with our giving integration, we can make that process a bit easier! We hook up directly to your online giving platform, so your congregation can give from anywhere.


Social tools to spread the gospel.

Sharing on social networks is one of the best ways to reach out to others and tell them about Jesus. Our apps empower your congregation to reach out to others with the Gospel.


Information at your fingertips.

Our Information tab provides quick access to useful church information, including service times, street address, office number, and contact email.

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