Major 2.0 Update For Android

Major 2.0 Update For Android


Today, we have the absolute pleasure of announcing a major 2.0 update to our Android church app platform! With an iPhone version following soon!


Complete Redesign

We’ve completely redesigned the app from the ground up. The most noticeable difference is the user interface. We’ve introduced a gorgeous new flat design, which feels very at-home on Android devices in addition to being much more graphically driven. Your church works hard on creating a brand and we want our apps to showcase it.


Better Customization

We really value feedback from our churches, and one of the things we’ve been hearing is that you’d like the apps to be a bit more customizable; our 2.0 update takes a huge first step toward achieving this. We can now create custom menu colors that are personalized to your churches style, as well as specify which items your church wants in the pullout menu.


Some churches don’t have blogs, some don’t have groups, some churches have youth groups that want their own app, but don’t need events on there…etc. Whatever the case may be, we want our platform to meet the needs of your church.


We also here a lot of churches request an area to add custom links, so we’ve added that too!



As you may know, one of our big goals last year was to bring video integration to the iOS platform, which we did a lot quicker than anyone (including ourselves) thought we could! After we released video for iOS, many of you asked the question, “When is video coming to Android?”


We’re thrilled to announce that our 2.0 Android version supports video!* We integrate perfectly with Vimeo Pro to bring video to your churches app that is not only the absolute highest quality video on the web, but also the most inexpensive as well. Budget friendly and high quality? Yes, please!

*We do not charge extra for any of our features (including video integration), but you will need a Vimeo Pro account to use it.


We also wanted the app to be more image driven, so you can now add images right to your event listings!


…and we added even deeper maps integration into our groups pages. These are automatically generated maps based on the location of your group, which means a very visually driven app without a lot of maintenance.



We are so proud of this update and hope you all love it as much as we do! There are so many new features, enhancements, and bug fixes in this update that it would be impossible for us to list them all (not to mention time consuming.) Plus, we’d much rather spend our time bringing these new features over to our iOS version!


Sign Up Today!

If you aren’t signed up with Amped Church yet, sign up today and be among the first churches to receive this new update!


Already Signed Up?

Great! We love our churches and have already updated all of you to the new 2.0 version completely free! We hope you enjoy it and want to thank you for choosing us as a partner in ministry. It really is all about reaching people for Jesus and we love that we get to help churches do that!