Our Favorite Church Blogs

Our Favorite Church Blogs


We all have our favorite blogs to read and we wanted to share a few of our own!


1. Church Tech Arts

Mike Sessler is a fantastic guy who’s passion is to help other Tech Directors in churches around the world. We’re total geeks, so anything from Mike is pretty golden to us!


Go check out his site at Church Tech Arts

2. Behind The Mixer

Another great resource for those involved in their local church. Lot’s of tips and tricks on sound and media in the church.


You can see his site at Behind The Mixer


3. Planning Center

Ok, ok. It’s not really a church blog, but we always get excited when they post something new because it normally means our lives just got a little bit easier! We love Planning Center.


If you’re not using them to schedule your services, you’re doing it wrong. Go give the guys from Planning Center some love from us!


We’re curious which church blogs are your favorite?

You can find an exhaustive list of Ministry Blogs over at Church Relevance – Top 200 Ministry Blogs